We have been serving photovoltaic module manufacturers since 1995 to support the production of reliable PV modules with the products supplied by our industry leading partners (listed on the right).

While some of our partners are also well established in other industries, all have chosen ENLOG to focus 100% on the solar applications of their products. You will benefit from the high quality products we sell for these companies.

Please see below for a brief overview of the module assembly process, and talk to ENLOG’s worldwide technical sales specialists for the solutions we have to offer.

Glass Washing Solar Grade Glass Glass Washing Machine
Cutting Foil into Sheets EVA, Tedlar (TPT) Foil Cutting Machine
Place 1st EVA Sheet on Glass EVA-Sheet Pick and Place Device or Manual
Cell Soldering Cells, Tabbing Ribbon, Flux Stringer
Lay Up Strings on Glass / EVA Automatic Lay Up or Manual
Interconnect String-Matrix Bus Ribbon (& Solder Wire) Automatic Bussing or Manual
Place 2nd EVA Sheet on Matrix EVA-Sheet Pick and Place Device or Manual
Place Backsheet Tedlar-Sheet Pick and Place Device or Manual
Lamination Laminator
Trimming & Framing Aluminimum Profile or Thermoplast Framing Robot or Manual
Connect Junction Box Juction Box Automated or Manual
Flash, Classify & Label Labels Flash Tester & Label Printer
Packaging & Shipping Cardboard, Paletts, Eckpack Robotics or Manual