• Since 1995 Ulbrich Solar Technologies has been the leading manufacturer of Copper and Aluminium PV ribbon, with production facilities in USA, Austria and Hong Kong. Our interconnect ribbon is used in both crystalline and thin film solar modules. Ulbrich’s Light Capturing Ribbon on front contact cells boosts power output up to 2%.

  • SoltaBond is an innovative German company manufacturing electrically conductive adhesives, for both thin film and crystalline PV applications. We achieve highly reliable bonds & low contact resistance on many different surfaces, low cost of ownership and a robust process for 24/7 mass production.

  • Eckpack is the pioneer in returnable and recyclable plastic shipping systems with worldwide patents. By increasing packing density and reducing packaging time and transportation damage, our system delivers modules to the installation site at lower costs than conventional cardboard or wooden packaging.

  • Rosenthal Mfg. is a US company that has been building cutting and handling machines which process any materials that come on a roll for over 60 years. Rosenthal built their first sheeter for the PV industry in 1980.
    We offer a range of basic machines to fully automated systems integrated into your production line.

  • Billco Mfg. is the leading US manufacturer of high quality glass washing machines for crystalline & ultra-clean thin film applications with over 50 machines delivered to the PV industry. Billco has 60 years of experience building high efficiency, low cost of ownership systems.

  • Madico specializes in high-performing backsheets for the Photovoltaic Market-