Encapsulant Cutting & Placing

Most PV module manufacturers purchase their encapsulant (EVA, PVB or other) and backsheet material (Tedlar, TPT, Polyester or other) on rolls that need to be converted into sheets of various sizes.

Rosenthal Mfg. has more than 60 years of experience building sheet-cutting machines for many industries. All our machines are designed to perfectly cut sheets for many years and are ruggedly built for 24/7 trouble-free operation. A modern PLC control and touch-screen provide easy and error-free operator interface for exact control of all process steps.

We have served the PV industry since 1980 and have extensive experience processing all encapsulant and backsheet materials with high accuracy and repeatability.

Rosenthal builds a broad product range from basic stand alone machines to fully automated systems totally integrated into your production line. We can handle all roll sizes and weights. Our machines are used for cutting, punching and slitting films and can be upgraded with any kind of tooling. We offer additional automation to rewind the liner, roll up the finished sheets, stack them neatly in batches, or accurately place the sheets directly onto the module.

Rosenthal systems are built to order; our experienced team of engineers can customize your system to meet your requirements. We offer service and installation locally in North America, Europe and Asia. Contact our sales specialists to discuss your requirements.