Glass Washers

Glass washers are essential in assuring the module front side glass is perfectly clean before laminating. All dust, residues or fingerprints need to be completely removed before lamination to prevent delamination failures. The highest level of cleanliness is demanded by thin film PV manufacturing where the glass must be absolutely clean before coating with the thin photoactive layers by ECVD or sputtering processes.

Billco Mfg. has more than 60 years of experience building glass washing and glass processing equipment for the window and architectural glass industry. All our machines are completely built in-house and ruggedly designed for 24/7 trouble-free operation. Special attention is given to make all wear parts easily accessible and interchangeable. We first supplied the PV industry in 1995 and have delivered over 60 machines. The high performance of our washers is demonstrated by the many machines shipped to thin film PV customers.

Billco Washing Machines come in different models for different applications and cleanliness requirements (thin film/crystalline modules), and the full range of glass sizes. As an important feature we offer a variety of water filtration and water saving options including completely closed loop “Zero Consumption” systems, which will dramatically reduce your operational costs.
As a true one-stop-solution you can purchase the detergents used in Billco washing machines directly from us.
In addition to washing machines, we offer a broad range of professional equipment for glass handling, laminating and insulation applications.

All our machines are built to order; an experienced team of engineers can customize each system to meet your requirements. We offer service and installation locally in North America, Europe and Asia. Contact our sales engineers to answer your questions.