Photovoltaic Ribbon

As the world leader for Copper and Aluminum PV ribbon, Ulbrich Solar Technologies maintains a program of ongoing capacity expansion that makes Ulbrich the most reliable source to its customers. Research & Development drives process improvements and product innovations to keep up with the industry’s constantly evolving technologies.

Our products are used in the following areas of PV module production:

  • tabbing ribbon to interconnect cells into strings
  • bus ribbon to interconnect the strings in a crystalline module, and their connection to the junction box
  • bus ribbon to collect the power from thin film modules and internal connection to the junction box
  • metal foils used as substrates for depositing thin film PV layers (flexible thin film manufacturing)

Our ribbons are rolled from round copper and then hot-dipped, resulting in a burr-free and completely coated ribbon ensuring perfect soldering to cells.
After careful analysis of your requirements, our ribbons are manufactured exactly to your specifications. All critical mechanical parameters of the ribbons will be adapted to best suit your production processes. We can produce any size (thickness/width) with a large variety of solder coatings (leaded and lead-free) with the thickness you specify. Other special metal coatings, such as flash gold or silver coatings, are also possible. By controlling the above parameters, our ribbons are well adapted for all soldering processes, as well as conductive adhesive and ultrasonic bonding applications.
We realize copper ribbon is a very important part of your solar modules. Highest electrical performance and long-term reliability are essential to ensure these critical connections carry the maximum power during the entire lifespan of your modules. Talk to our specialists today to help you select the optimum flat wire connector to suit your requirements.